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Beginners guide

The Sandbox

The sandbox game is a video game with a gameplay element that provides the player a great degree of creativity to interact with, usually without any predetermined goal, or alternatively with a goal that the player sets for themselves.

A sandbox is an isolated testing environment. It enables users to run programs or open files without affecting the application, system or platform on which they run. Software developers use sandboxes to test new programming code. Cybersecurity professionals use sandboxes to test potentially malicious software.

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The Meta Hero Project is a 3D Meta Avatar platform that allows users to fully customize and personalize their avatar with their life-like body type and photo-realistic face, together with unique skills and powers from a range of classes, giving them the ability to integrate with digital identity.

Who’s the founder of MetaHero ?

Robert Gryn is the youngest self-made entrepreneur to make the Forbes 100 Richest list in Poland. He’s the former CEO of Codewise, the 2nd fastest growing company in Europe. After selling Codewise he shifted 100% of his attention and focus to crypto.

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TCG World

TCG World is an online open world metaverse where players can earn TCGCoin 2.0, gather NFT collectibles, own virtual real estate, create and explore, and start their own online career.
TCG stands for Trading Card Game. It consists of several elements working together such as TCGCoin, TCG Trading Platform, and TCG World.
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Pocket Arena

Pocket Arena is a play to earn, NFT games portal and platform on blockchain technology. For skill-based tournaments and user-generated contents merged into Pocket Metaverse.

Singapore-based MAS registered crypto investment firm invests in Pocket Arena, a mobile-first Play-to-Earn NFT games portal and platform.

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Kryxivia, a play to earn blockchain-based MMORPG. Immerses players in a world containing artifacts of ancient civilization promises power and influence to whoever finds them. But those artifacts offer more than in-game buffs and power-ups.

kryxivia provides players with immersive 3D gameplay accessible on any modern browser.

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ALICE is the native cryptocurrency token of the multiplayer blockchain builder game My Neighbor Alice. It allows token holders to play, invest and be a part of the game.

Who’s the founder of Alice ?

Chromia is a blockchain platform that aims to solve the scalability problem for decentralized applications (dApps). The platform consists of a network of nodes forming a blockchain, each node using its own relational database. The Chroma token (CHR) is used as block rewards and to pay for transaction fees.

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HappyLand is a play to earn blockchain gaming platform. Inspired by the Texas countryside – USA role of a farm owner cultivating, breeding pets and taking care of his farm.

Happyland is a magical place with brilliant buildings, quirky characters, cute animals and colourful vehicles. With a wide age stretch suitable from 18 months up to 5 years. These highly collectable and iconic toys encourage free, imaginative play.

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Polka City is a first of its kind contract based virtual city. Where investors can play to earn through investments in (gas stations, buildings, hotels, and car wash, among other investments). It combines the DeFi, Polkadot, and the NFT worlds to design a digital marketplace for investors.

Polka City Is A New Fully Autonomous Contract Based NFT Platform That Allows You To Invest In Virtual Assets In The Form Of A Virtual City.

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